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How to make a living as a freelance artist

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Users experiences from affirms the notion that being a freelance artist is one of...
How to make a living as a freelance artist

Users experiences from affirms the notion that being a freelance artist is one of the fastest ways to make money online as a professional artist. However, earning money as a freelance artist is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to making it big in the freelance world. It is 100% possible to earn as a freelance artist, all thanks to online art courses reviews.

There are more opportunities to make money online as a freelance artist now than ever before. Whether you’re seeking to be a full-time freelance artist or pursuing it as a side hustle, there are different opportunities available for you. This post will show you the best steps to becoming a freelance artist and earning from it.  

1. Start with a business idea or model

The first step to becoming a professional freelance artist is deciding on the business model you want to adopt. As a freelance artist, there are two critical jobs you should look out for

  • Make art
  • run a business

Deciding on a business idea or model is not about running a business. It is about deciding what kind of artist you want to be and the kind of jobs you want to offer. Are you an illustrator, cartoonist, graphic designer, musician, or fine artist? What media do you work with? Are you an environmental artist? A digital artist? Answering these questions on who you are as an artist and what you offer is critical in determining the kind of freelancer you will be

2. Find Your First Few Clients

To find your first clients as a freelance artist, start by exploring these options. Talk to your friends, colleagues, fellow artists, family, and others in your network, letting them know that you’re currently offering works as a freelance artist. All those around you need to know the services you’re offering. They can also recommend you to other people who might be needing your services too.

3. Search Freelance Art Job Sites

Depending on the type of artwork you specialize in, there are lots of new job listings for freelance artists on all kinds of sites available on the net each month. For example, you can search on Glassdoor, Linkedinjobs, or FlexJobs to see the freelance opportunities available for a freelance artist.

4. Build a powerful portfolio

As you keep working to find your first freelance artist clients and build a solid foundation on which your business can grow, it’s time to build a simple portfolio for your business. You can build your portfolio by opening an Instagram account where you display all your arts. This will afford prospective clients the opportunity to view your work to access its quality.

5. Make in Online-Only at First

While your art may be more impressive in person, word can spread faster online, which means focusing on your online portfolio first offers some definite advantages.

Your portfolio should include info on the following areas:

  • about me
  • contact
  • work
  • my story
  • my philosophy

6. Deliver high-quality jobs

The secret to getting return clients is by satisfying your clients. Satisfied clients are the bedrock of every successful freelance art business. Satisfied and happy clients will refer you to other clients, thus helping you advertise your freelance venture.