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Why is the end of the year perfect to think about your future?

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Have you ever wondered why it seems like people take on self-evaluation and reflection towards...
Why is the end of the year perfect to think about your future?

Have you ever wondered why it seems like people take on self-evaluation and reflection towards the end of the year? The year-end is a period when companies, religious bodies, and even individuals tend to sit back to evaluate the wins and losses, opportunities maximized and unrecognized, joys, and the challenges of the outgoing year. But what about the season makes man and institutions reflective?

Each year comes with a new beginning, a fresh start to start that business, get enrolled in that educational program, take steps towards changing jobs, watch your child graduate, etc. Each year offers a blank slate of possibilities that might not be recognized if an individual is not conscious of his/her present status. During this season, you evaluate decisions that have worked, those that have flopped, and those that need to be overhauled for better performance and output even as you put plans in place to be better, do better in the coming year. 

At the end of the year, you can see what your little financial indiscretions cost you in a lump sum, what that extra plate of dessert did to your waistline, what the uncontrolled alcohol is wreaking on your health, how you have nurtured your family or otherwise, all fully staring you in the face and demanding you to do a better job of living next year.

As you research tips to celebrate the Christmas and New Years Eve, you also begin to realize that you have clarity on how to make measurable progress next year. For those into personal development, evaluating themselves periodically is a lifestyle that motivates them to take baby steps towards achieving a larger objective.

If, for instance, your goal is to get a degree, self-evaluation will require you to decide what degrees you have, what programs you qualify for, what your passion is, and what program is in line with your long-term career goals, among several others. Thereafter, you will be able to research online courses reviews to determine where you stand and what needs to be done.

In the area of finances, the end of the year is also the best season to apply for credit processing facilities, if you are in business. At that period, you have pieces of evidence and a history of your business’ activities that make better claims for you than word of mouth or desperation, and if you want to look even better, go along with your financial reviews. Of course, better prospects for financial security will go a long way in improving your future quality of life.

If your business or company is already up and running, the end of the year is the period when people go through their tax filing records to ensure they do not run afoul of the law. By taking the time to update your tax information at the end of the year, you can also calculate and lay claims to benefits such as standard deductions, tax credits, exemptions, and so on. 

Here are a few suggestions for individuals to engage in self-assessment towards improved decision-making processes and performances in the next year.

Perform an analysis of your strength and weaknesses
By doing this, you will be able to shore up your strengths and devise ways to improve on your weaknesses in the future. If you find it difficult to do this, you could talk to a few of your most trusted friends for constructive evaluation of your strengths and weaknesses.

Look out for areas of improvement
Rather than living life on a whim, you can pinpoint areas that you need to work on in your professional, personal, emotional, marital, financial, educational, and spiritual life, and you will realize that the identification of such in itself makes you more sensitive to taking intentional steps towards a better future you.

Envision your future
Hindsight is 20/20, which means that you can look back with perfect clarity about decisions in your life that you might not understand at the point of making them. After sufficient self-evaluation, take the lessons you learned in the year and concretize them into tools to build a better future for yourself. Set new goals for your life, but ensure that your goals are realistic so that you do not set yourself up to be disillusioned if you experience some setbacks.

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