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March 17, 2007

The Toad Hollow Wilderness Adventure Duathlon Adventure Race

6 hr. multisport rogaine
Scioto Trail State Park & Forest
Chillicothe, OH

March 17
(date has been changed)
Toad Hollow MTB Rogaine
April 15
Mad Cow Urban Adventure Race
May 19
Hope Furnace Adventure Race
May 20
Buff Betty Women's Adventure Race
July 7
Alum Sprint AR
(night race) tim ban tinh
August 18
"Upside-down" Rogaine
...more to be announced at a later date.

Details on all races will be posted in spring of 2007.



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Toad Hollow Adventure Race
The Toad Hollow Enhanced Wilderness Adventure Duathlon
Saturday March 17, 2007

Scioto Trail State Park & Forest
Chillicothe, OH

The Toad Hollow Wilderness Adventure Duathlon is unlike any other adventure race you may have done before - that is, unless you have actually done the Toad Hollow Enhanced Wilderness Adventure Duathlon!

This is a TIMED event. Competitors will have 6 hours to visit as many checkpoints and complete as many special mystery events as they can. Racers have their choice of foot travel AND/OR bike travel, but a good score will require at least a little bit of each. There are more checkpoints than any one team can possibly hope to visit, so an effective strategy is a MUST. Racers visit the checkpoints in any order and can return to the START/FINISH at any time to swap gear or resupply.


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Columbus Metro Area Adventure Race Training TRAIN CMAARTER, NOT HARDER... is the website and message board for the Columbus Metro Area Adventure Race Training Group.

It was down over the holidays for some technical upgrades, but is back 'up' again, so if you live in the vicinity of central Ohio area, or are going to be in the area, be sure and check it out for group training activities and other adventure race related discussions.

TNT is our regularly scheduled Tuesday Night Training. All skill and fitness levels are welcome and you do not have to be an adventure racer to join us. Things are picking back up after the holiday lull - keep Tuesday nights free so you can join us.

what is adventure racing?
Adventure Racing is a term given to competitions comprised of several rugged outdoor events occurring almost non-stop over a period of from several hours in the case of "sprint races", to several days in the case of "expedition" races.

Although there is at present no set format to an Adventure Race, most races include, mountain biking, trekking, rappelling, paddling and other challenging activities. Navigation is a key component as the course is not marked and teams must find their way across the wilderness using map & compass.


ambush adventure racing
offers events that any reasonably fit individual can finish and enjoy. Our unique adventure racing formats challenge both the beginner and elite athlete, and FUN is the first thing we design into a course.

We hope that the experience we facilitate will provide many happy memories, but more significantly we hope that we can help the racer find those personal qualities that one only sees when pushing one's personal limits.
...and, oh yeah - sometimes you can win free stuff!

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